Bear-Eva & Les Wedding-Lion

Eva and Les were married on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 at the Cap Juluca resort in Anguilla, British West Indies in a small ceremony attended by immediate family and a few close friends.

Anguilla was chosen for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, so naturally it rained the majority of the week, including the day of the wedding. Locals told us that it hadn't rained like that on Anguilla for nearly a decade. This turned out to be not quite the detriment you might expect, with the ceremony held under a nice canopy in view of the ocean.

Ten things we learned during our wedding week:

  1. Guests make the wedding, not the weather or venue.
  2. Really good cake can overcome the impulse to seek shelter from rain.
  3. Drunk voices carry to neighboring balconies just as well during rain storms.
  4. Mosquitoes love some people more than others.
  5. Humidity is hell on lighting cigars.
  6. Wedding rain may prevent death from heat stroke for those in tuxedoes, suits or ornate dresses.
  7. There is no such thing as a hair professional.
  8. Dead tulips grow faster than dead roses.
  9. All wedding dinners should end with an adrenaline rush and lightning.
  10. It is possible for a hotel to look exactly like the brochure photos.

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